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The delivery management is an important factor in your enjoyment of your new air conditioning unit. To help guarantee this process is completed satisfactorily please read below and familiarise yourself with your requirements in this procedure.

Three days are allowed for payment and order processing, after which you are able to select a delivery day date. Deliveries are generally made between 8:00am and 5:00pm on the day that you have nominated.

It is the customer’s responsibility to have someone available to accept delivery of the air conditioning equipment at the designated delivery address on the selected delivery day.
Air conditioning units are generally packed in large cartons and will require the assistance of an able person (depending on units size and weight) to unload the equipment from the delivery vehicle.

As per Air Conditioning Sales Pty Ltd Terms of Trade we reserve the right to charge additional costs for after hours, re-directed deliveries and waiting time at the delivery (frustrated delivery). Changes to the delivery instructions after the unit has been dispatched will also incur additional charges.

Accepting the air conditioning unit’s delivery

When the air conditioning unit is delivered, you or your receiving agent will be requested to sign a consignment docket. Please thoroughly inspect the delivered equipment for any damage before signing the consignment docket. This consignment docket acknowledges that you have received the delivered cartons, the goods are in good order and the docket information matches the system delivered. Please be aware that if the consignment docket is signed received in “Good Order or Condition” the liability of any damages passes to you the purchaser/consignee.

If the delivered equipment appears to be damaged

Air Conditioning Sales Pty Ltd sell brand new equipment, undamaged ready for installation. So if there is clear vision of damage to your delivered equipment, ripped/damaged cartons, water damage or any obvious evidence that the goods are damaged do not except the delivery and do not sign the consignment docket.

If the delivery is reject by you please ensure that the consignment docket is marked “damaged goods” and contact Air Conditioning Sales Pty Ltd on 1300 652 247 to arrange a urgent replacement unit to be dispatched. After accepting the delivery, if when unpacking the equipment that has no obvious external damage and concealed damage is found do not install the equipment and urgently contact ACS staff to organise a replacement.