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Tips on how to choose the right air conditioner

Air conditioning systems with today’s technology and energy efficiency requirements are very advanced pieces of equipment and choosing the right type can be confusing. So below we have provided some tips to help you make an informed decision. The tips below have been built on years of air conditioning experience but should not be considered advice. We strongly recommend that you also engage a suitably qualified professional to assist you.

  • What area do you want to be air condition?
  • The style of air conditioning unit
  • Correct sizing of the system
  • Brands

What area do you want to be air condition?
First you need to decide on the area that you want to be air conditioned, this is generally constructed around the building’s design layout and by your specific requirements. For example open plan living space will dictate the required size of the system and your design style or building constraints will decide the type of the air conditioning system.

The style of air conditioning unit
Below are listed the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning system types. Generally all air conditioning units are split systems meaning they have an outdoor unit mounted outside and an indoor unit installed indoors. Packaged air conditioning units are systems similar to the old style window type where both the outdoor and indoor units are in one package and were mounted in the window space.

High Wall:
These are the most popular air conditioning system used to condition individual rooms and offices. They are designed to be discreet both in their operational noise and appearance while efficiently maintaining the desired conditions. The indoor unit is installed on the wall of the room that is to be air conditioned, this eliminates ducting system installation efficiency losses and allows total individual room temperature control.

Floor Standing:
Floor standing indoor units are generally slim compact units which are installed on the floor against an outside wall in the air conditioned room. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have sophisticated and stylish designs allowing the indoor unit to complement and integrate with the rooms existing fittings.

Ducted Systems:

Ducted systems are the ultimate in air conditioning comfort, design and installation. Cooled or heated air is distributed throughout the air conditioned space via insulated ducting connected to ceiling, wall and floor outlets within each room. Ducted systems maintain comfort conditions in multiple rooms and they are invisible, quiet and effortless to operate and maintain.

Cassette models:
This style of unit is mounted in the ceiling space above the air conditioned room. A discrete and powerful option with the only visible evidence of the air conditioner is the unit’s facia visible on the ceiling. This style is available in a large range of capacities and with today’s advanced fan technology the conditioned air is distributed in three or four directions through the room. This model is more suited for commercial and large room applications.

Multi Split:
Multi split systems have only one outdoor unit and servicing up to 6 rooms connected. These system are highly suited to the apartment housing, restricted outside space or where individual room temperature control is a high priority. This is an efficient and quiet way to air condition up to five different areas with independent temperature control. The indoor units can be of different styles, High Wall, Floor, Concealed/Bulkhead, ducted and Cassette type models.

Correct sizing of the system
Selecting the correct size is a very important part of your enjoyment of the air conditioner. It is often better to select a slightly larger model when selecting the correct size of the air conditioner. A slightly larger model will not need to work as hard as a small model to keep the same room cool/warm. So a room using a slightly larger unit that is using lower capacity, will use less electricity and possibly be quieter than a smaller unit that has to work hard to do the job. If in doubt an Engineers sizing calculation is recommended.

Consider the air conditioning systems features
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners offer many special system features from WiFi connection to anti snow operation. Please see the individual model brochures and specification on our website or MHI Air-conditioning Australia’s website for details.

The air conditioners energy star rating
This rating allows consumers to compare the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems on a fair and equitable basis. Please look at the Australian energy rating website to compare different air conditioner running efficiency.

The noise level of the system,
With today’s technology most air conditioners run very quietly. To ensure you do not have operational problems after the system is installed, the noise levels and systems outdoor unit location need to be considered. It is always best to keep the outdoor unit away from your/neighbours bed rooms.

Return air filters
Filters are fitted to the indoor unit where the system draws in air and particles within air, filters out the larger particles then cools/heats and redistributes the air back to the room. There are many types of filters e.g. Allergen, Enzyme sterilizing, Photo catalytic deodorizing and Plasma. They all have special properties and assist in absorbing all the nasty little bits that come into contact with the return air filters, helping to provide a cleaner indoor environment for your enjoyment.

The old adage ‘You get what you pay for’ exists for a reason. The more expensive units such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are generally more efficient and quieter. They also a have better manufacturing process which gives you a better quality and finished product. This translates into better built units, easier installation and should the need arise, servicing which makes the additional purchase price worth considering.