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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-conditioning Australia Warranty

All new Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) air conditioning systems sold by Air Conditioning Sales Pty Ltd (ACS) are covered by a 5 year full parts and labour manufactures warranty against defective workmanship (excluding specifically designed KX systems). Please see MHI Air-conditioning Australia’s website for details.

If the air conditioning system unfortunately fails during its warranty period please contact ACS as soon as possible with all the relevant details. The break down can be immediately reported by logging a Warranty Service request on MHI Air-conditioning Australia’s website. ACS can assist you with this procedure and will also follow the process through its stages to ensure the problem is satisfactorily resolved.

Warranty can be voided by MHI Air-conditioning Australia if:

  • The system is not installed by a fully licensed and qualified trade’s person.
  • If the system is not installed according to the manufactures specifications and trade best practices.

Under these circumstances any service repair costs will be the responsibility of the customer.

Return Policy

If we have agreed to replace or refund the purchase price of the unit that you purchased, the unit must be returned to us for the replacement/refund process to start. If the returned unit is not damage or warranty related you will be obliged to arrange and pay for the delivery cost involved in returning the unit. There are also re-stocking fees applicable if the equipment is accepted for return.

No refunds, credit or replacements are offered if you have changed your mind about the system, you make an incorrect choice, or you failed to accurately provide information when placing the order. Air Conditioning Sales Pty Ltd will refund or exchange purchased equipment if the equipment is, on delivery, found not to be of merchantable quality at no cost to the purchaser.
Refunds generally will only be offered where a replacement unit cannot be provided.

Delivery Damages

If the air conditioner is delivered with obvious carton or equipment damage do not accept the delivery and make urgent contact with ACS staff. After accepting the delivery, if when unpacking the equipment that has no obvious external damage and concealed damage is found do not install the equipment and urgently contact ACS staff to organise a replacement.